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Rhode Island Comic Con


Event Time
November 10 (Check-in at 6:15PM, Event starts at 7:00PM)
Ticket Details
The $185 Con Sword Experience Includes:
  • * 2.5 hour Sword experience - priceless
  • * Unique photo certification signed by Adrian Paul - priceless
  • * 8x10 signed Highlander photo of your choice - $35 value
  • * Personal posed photo with Adrian - $30 value

  • The $210 Silver Sword Experience Includes:
    • * Everything included in the Con Sword Experience AND
    • * Your own personal bokken to take home dedicated by Adrian Paul - $35 value

    Spectator Tickets:
    Regular Spectator Tickets ($50):
    * Allows full access to view the sword experience only.

    Participant Spectator Guests Tickets ($30):
    * Participants are allowed a maximum 2 guests. This option is only available during the participant checkout process. A spectator can be added later only by the Participant, and only up to 3 days prior to the event.

* No photos or videos are allowed during the Sword event.
* Must be 18 years old. 15-18 years olds can participate with parental consent.
* Photos taken by The Sword Experience staff will be sent and posted after the event for participants to download.
Other Details
Tickets to the Rhode Island Comic Con MUST be purchased in order to participate in and/or spectate the Sword Experience. All items MUST be picked up at Adrian Paul’s booth at the convention.

Rhode Island Convention Center
1 Sabin Street
Providence , RI 02903
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Venue website:


As the temperature starts to dip, you notice a chill in the air. Your senses become focused, and you’re forced to tighten your reflexes.

Don’t get caught off guard. As the days grow shorter, you need to be prepared for anything that strikes from the shadows. That’s where the ultimate in sword training comes in.

Adrian Paul is bringing his legendary Sword Experience to Rhode Island for the Rhode Island Comic Con this November. Having passed on the secrets of Hollywood training to hundreds of participants over the years, he’s ready to imbue you with the knowledge and skills that only a handful have trained with.

Your Sword Experience will run you through preparation, training, one-on-one skill perfection with Adrian Paul, and will culminate in a finale to remember for the rest of your life.

The Sword Experience has gained worldwide recognition, and we’re bringing it back to the east coast. Pick up your tickets to the Rhode Island Comic Con event today. This is one memory you won’t want to miss out on.